MP writing!

Well, hello there awesome readers!

I would like to begin with introducing myself shortly.
My name is MP and I’m one of the amazing writers of Mendaxday. I’m going to tell you what happened to me last night and lastly, one thing that will break your heart forever.

Last night, I slept on the kitchen table. It was amazing, you should definitely try it sometime. I dreamt a dream where chocolate and candy were involved. I jumped into a pool of all this goodness, but when Ianded in the pool I woke up in the shower. That was very weird. My dreams are super strange sometimes, I think it is the kitchen table playing pranks on me. I’m so hungry right now. Now for the bad news.

Sadly, our last posts are being uploaded today. It has been an honor to represent the Mendaxday blog, and we all are so happy for your giant support. Of course we have our haters, but they just make us keep going. Haters are our motivators!
This is the time where we go our seperate ways and start with our own journey individually. Here I am, at school, and saying goodbye to all of you. After this heartbreaking goodbye, I’m going to sleep on the classroom table. Your’s faithfully,



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