Hello Mendax fans!

It’s been great to have you awesome fans who has supported us through our journey with this blog. We are so grateful for all the views and worldwide publicity. Each and everyone of this blog have made Mendaxday a huge part of our lives and we will never forget our dedicated fans. But as the title says this is a goodbye from Mendaxday. We have made the  decision to end this blog while we still can. This is a very sad moment of our lives and a tough decision that took us 5 minutes to make. As I’m writing this I’m having a very emotional moment of my life. But you Mendax fans can still be apart of us and support us through these hard times.

I’m ending this with a remainder that you are awesome and so am I!

– LG


Heartbreaking Goodbye

Hello there, my awesome Mendax fans!

It has been an honer to guide you guys through tough times and then see how your successful, new lives have developed. I am truly devastated to announce that this is the end. I cannot describe how much this time here has meant to me and I am sure it has meant a lot to my colleagues here at the Mendax editorial office as well.

I am leaving this behind to start over, like many of you have done with our help. I hope I am not leaving anyone behind in fear and despair. If you get stuck you know what you are supposed to do; believe. Believe that you are awesome! Believe that you can find your way to success and complete awesomeness. If  you do, you will.

This is a very emotional moment for me and I am searching for the most striking words to make this a worthy post. I know I do not have to do that, because everything I write is awesome anyway.

Have a great life! You are awesome and so am I!

– LJ

MP writing!

Well, hello there awesome readers!

I would like to begin with introducing myself shortly.
My name is MP and I’m one of the amazing writers of Mendaxday. I’m going to tell you what happened to me last night and lastly, one thing that will break your heart forever.

Last night, I slept on the kitchen table. It was amazing, you should definitely try it sometime. I dreamt a dream where chocolate and candy were involved. I jumped into a pool of all this goodness, but when Ianded in the pool I woke up in the shower. That was very weird. My dreams are super strange sometimes, I think it is the kitchen table playing pranks on me. I’m so hungry right now. Now for the bad news.

Sadly, our last posts are being uploaded today. It has been an honor to represent the Mendaxday blog, and we all are so happy for your giant support. Of course we have our haters, but they just make us keep going. Haters are our motivators!
This is the time where we go our seperate ways and start with our own journey individually. Here I am, at school, and saying goodbye to all of you. After this heartbreaking goodbye, I’m going to sleep on the classroom table. Your’s faithfully,


Goodbye guys!

I’m part of the crew here at Mendaxday. When we first started this site we had no idea it would go on to become this huge worldwide thing, and after this huge success everything just seems so surreal. It started as a school project and has grown into so much more. This blog is a big part of who I am and what defines me. We all have our separate roles here and we have all gown very fond of each other. It is with great regret that we have to announce the retiring of the blog. We had a good run but we feel like it’s time to stop now, while we’re at the top. This will be my last post, ever. you can look forward to the rest of the crew’s goodbyes.

Farewell, forever. Non comedatis nix flavus!